Event Production Service in Fargo

We know that there are many types of parties and events, big and small, which is why we offer several packages to fit your needs. Rest assured, however, that all our event production services in Fargo will be executed with success in mind. We have all the skills, experience and equipment to ensure just that!


:: Bronze Package

bronze package
This sound system is suitable for small events with or without dancing. It has the essential components you need to get the job done. Although it is only two speakers and subs they are the industry standard in size and power. They are commonly used by many DJ companies as their main speakers.

  • » Sound Show (4 powered mackie speakers)
  • » Light Show (5 par can fill lights)
  • » Services (4 hrs dance music)
  • » Recommended for 20 – 80 Guests

:: Gold Package

Gold Package 2
This sound and light system is very versatile because it employs 4 industry standard speakers that can be arranged in different ways in order to achieve the best sound quality for the room. This system is for small to medium events where a fuller sound is needed.

  • » Sound Show (2 dual 15in EV highs, 2 single 18in. EV subwoffers)
  • » Light Show (2 led light bars,2 x-moving heads, 2 jellyfish special effect lights, 2 sparkling lasers, fog machine)
  • » Services (5hrs dance music, wireless mic)
  • » Recommended for 50 – 120 Guests

:: Platinum Package

Platinum Package 2
This is one of our top selling packages. If you want the look of professional and elegant this is your package. With our EV sound system and state of the art lighting you will have no problem catching the attention of your guests.

  • » Sound Show (2 dual 15in EV highs, 2 dual 18in. EV subwoffers)
  • » Light Show (4 led light bars, 4 x-moving heads, 2 jellyfish special effect lights, fog machine)
  • » Services (5 hrs dance music, wireless mic)
  • » Recommended for 50 – 500 Guests


Diamond Package 2
Want to share more with the guests? Visualization that really proves a big hit, imagine having pictures or videos on the screen as your evening guests arrive. Mixing visuals and playing music videos really keeps your guests at the party longer! Customer quotes “Amazing”!! If you need help creating or editing your slide show just ask, we have an in house editor who can help bring your vision to the screen.

  • » Sound Show (2 dual 15in EV highs,2 dual 18in. EV subwoffers)
  • » Light Show (4 led light bars, 4 x-moving heads, 2 jellyfish special effect lights, fog machine)
  • » Video Show (1 12ft x10ft video screen, 1 rear projector, 1 dvd player)
  • » Services (5hrs dance music videos, wireless mic)
  • » Recommended for 50 – 500 Guests




Take your party to a whole new level. With Kick’n Entertainment Karaoke, you’ll have no problem being the star in your own show. Our Karaoke shows can be added to any one of our packages. We have over 14,500 karaoke songs to choose from. You will have no problem picking out your favorite hits.

Video Screen

Video Screens

Kick’n Entertainment offers a variety of event production solutions. With high quality screens and projectors, we’re able to handle everything from commemorative videos to slide shows. Choose from a 8ft x 12ft or 12ft x15ft video screen.

photo booth wedding

Photo Booth

Adding a Photo Booth to your event will give an extra dimension of fun to your High School, College, Corporate event or wedding. Our Photo Booth is a great way to give your guests an amazing customized keepsake! With a 10ft backdrop you will have no problem getting that group picture you always wanted. Wait, did you see that cool dance move over there? Our photographers are not just limited to the booth, we will also capture those special moments throughout your event.
Our Photo Booths feature the following:

  • Unlimited use of the Photo Booth throughout your event
  • A professional on-site Photo Booth attendant
  • Delivery, setup, and removal
  • Hats, boas, seasonal favorites, fun picture frames, stylish glasses in various styles
  • Digital copy of photos

Monogram (Add On)


Monogram can be added to personalize your elegant modern event even more. GOBO is the nickname for a small custom-made metal or glass plate that “GOes Between Optics” in a spotlight projector. The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding, party or special event.

Cloud Effect (Add On)

Cloud Effect

Your dance floor is transformed as if you are dancing on the clouds. The clouds rise only 12″ from the floor, so you will still be the center of attention. The white, fluffy chilled air gives the illusion that you are actually dancing on the clouds! It is the ‘wow’ factor that will have your guests scrambling for their cameras.



To get the most out of your light show, make sure to add our fog or haze machines to your package. This will be a true stunning effect that will definitely make your event pop!


Call our office with any questions you have about our services or questions you may have about a project you are considering.

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